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Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different payroll group options?


PAYE tax is deducted from your wage each time you are paid. The amount of PAYE is determined by your tax code and National Insurance category. The tax code is determined by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) based on your expected income, tax allowances, exemptions and reliefs for the full tax year.

Limited Company

If you choose to work through your own Limited Company you will be responsible for paying your own taxes and you must ensure you are compliant with the IR-35 legislation.
For all the rules on IR35 post 6th April 2017 please visit or seek professional advice from your tax advisor or accountant.
Umbrella Company

Medical Professional Personnel Ltd have approved and vetted a number of Umbrella companies. Should you wish to be paid via an umbrella please contact us.
In some cases you can claim expenses through an umbrella company. However the expenses must be for business use only.

  • Mobile phone, Internet, stationary, faxes, postage office equipment ( business use only)
  • NMC, GMC and other professional subscriptions
  • Training, uniform, dry cleaning
  • Occupational Health screening and Fit to Work certificate

You mentioned Statutory Pay; does that mean I am eligible for Sick Pay or Maternity Pay?
Yes you are entitled to statutory rates of pay; subject to meeting certain criteria from HMRC:

  • You have been working through MPP for at least 8 weeks for Sick Pay or 26 weeks for Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Pay and earning at least £102 per week during that period.
  • You have a valid Doctors Certificate.

Why am I on BR/0T for a tax code?

A BR Tax Code means you are getting taxed at 20% on your total Taxable income rather than receiving the £9,440 yearly Tax-Free Allowance. There are two reasons for this:

  • If we are not your sole Employer and you are already claiming the Tax-Free allowance from another Employer then you cannot also claim it through MPP
  • You have not sent through a P46 form which we require to change your tax code. If that is the case please fill that out and send to us

When will I be getting my P60?

P60’s which are used for your annual tax return will be sent to you by the 31st May. Further Contact Details: If you require any further information on help you can email on or call the team.
When do I have to have my Timesheet sent by?

Timesheets are to be faxed through to 033 3043 4313 or 033 3043 4190 by 8am Monday morning to ensure they are paid by Friday of the same week. Alternatively, they can be sent by post to be received by 8am Monday to the following address: Payroll- Nursing Personnel Level 10 Great West House (GW-1) Brentford, London TW8 9DF

When do I receive payment for these Timesheets?

We run our Pay-Cycle daily. In order to be paid, time-sheets must be received by Nursing Personnel before 08.00am, each day to be paid within two working days. It is the workers responsibility to ensure time-sheets are sent and received on time.

How do I send my timesheet? Timesheets can be sent by post to: Nursing Personnel
Head Office
Great West House (GWH-1)

Timesheets can be emailed to or faxed to 033 3043 4313 or 033 3043 4190

How do I know if my Timesheet has been processed?

This can be easily found by logging on to on the Nurse Portal through Nursing Personnel’s website. Once you have logged into your online account please click the Summary of Shifts Tab. Once here if there is a Green Tick next to the shift that means we have received and processed the timesheet you have sent through.

Why can’t I call and check if my Timesheet has been received?

Faxed timesheets are actually not received in a Paper form rather in an electronic format. These are then sent individually to Payroll staff to process. This has dramatically improved processing time for Timesheets ensuring all timesheets sent by the cut-off will be paid. Our staff does not have access to check if timesheets are in the queue therefore unfortunately have no way of telling if your timesheet is received. The only thing calling staff will achieve is under-utilising valuable Payroll staff time which can be used to ensure your timesheet would be processed and paid. The best thing to do is send your timesheets well before the cut-off and checking your account on the website. Process time will be a lot quicker during non-peak periods, which are near the cut-off time, and therefore will appear on-line a lot sooner.

Where can I print more Timesheets?

These can be found in the Payroll Information Tab on the Nursing Personnel website.

What do I need filled on my timesheet?

  • Signature by nurse in charge
  • Date of Shift
  • Start and End time of Shift
  • Any breaks taken
  • Reference Number/Cost code (Given by NP co-ordinator or Nurse in charge)
  • Your name and signature

I have just started working through MPP. What forms do you require and what information do you need?

  1. For us to pay you we do need your Bank Details which is your Sort code, Account Number and Account Name.
  2. We need a completed and signed P46 form, which can be found on our Website.
  3. We send texts to let you know when your salary will be paid and we also email payslips to you. Please ensure you provide your co-ordinator with a valid mobile phone number and email address.

How to Fast Track your Nursing Agency Registration Process?

Before you start working as an agency worker with an NHS Framework approved agency there are a number of important things to remember. The NHS Frameworks set down the compliance standards that NHS approved agencies have to comply to and these are quite strict. We are preparing the below with some advice and tips so you can get through the recruitment and compliance process as quickly as possible. The key to getting through this process is be organised and prepared. The quicker your start accumulating your compliance the quicker and easier the process will be.

A Top Tip. Treat the below as your passport to work. Create a folder with all your documentation. Should you wish to apply for another NHS job you will have all the work done and the process will be a simple one.


All nurses must have a valid Nursing and Midwifery Council PIN. The agency will need to see your statement of entry with the NMC so please bring this document to your interview as it is very important.


Most hospitals will require a minimum of 6 months post qualification experience in an NHS hospital or acute hospital environment. This experience can be from Ireland, Australia or any other country as long as it is acute experience. So before you start the process make sure you tick this box.


All agencies will require a minimum of two clinical references. These references must be from a supervisor or manager that is a higher grade than yourself. If you are and Band 5 nurse the references will have to be signed by a Band 6 nurse. It is best to ask your referees in advance, so they are expecting a reference request, and ask them to return the reference as soon as possible. You must have 3 years full cover where applicable. All references will be verified by the agency so ensure to provide the referees work email address and contact details.

DBS Police Check

All healthcare workers must provide a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate or they can apply for one through Nursing Personnel. Ensure you are on the DBS update service. This will enable you to move your DBS without having to pay additional charges. For more information on this visit If your country of origin is outside the UK or you have lived outside the UK for more than 3 months in the last 3 years we will need an original police check from your home country.

Occupational Health

Any healthcare worker working for an NHS approved agency will have to provide a “Fitness to Work Certificate” (FTWC). This certificate must be issued within the last 3 months. We cannot accept another companies FTW cert. To obtain a FTWC you will have to provide details of your occupational records and complete a health questionnaire. The health records you will need to provide will include BCG, Varicella, MMR, Hep B, (Hep C, Hep B surface Antg and HIV if you are working in A&E or operating theatres). Ensure you have copies of all your health records and the documents must be stamped by your doctor, or occupational health provider. If you do not have a fitness to work certificate we will send your records and health questionnaire to our approved provider and they will issue a certificate once they are satisfied with all the documentation provided.  There will be cost associated with this if you do not have a current FTWC.

Tip, if you have been working for a NHS hospital ask them for copies of all your records. This will save you time and money having to get additional vaccinations or blood tests.

Mandatory Training

Agency workers must have a valid training certificate completed in the last 12 months. This must include Basic Life Support & Manual Handling plus a number of online training modules. The training must be aligned to the Core Skills Training Framework. Nursing Personnel recommend Train Healthcare as they are an approved training provider under the Core Skill Training Framework. Please note some agencies will not release training certificates and often NHS Hospital training certificates will not list all the training elements required by agencies. Our advice is use Train Healthcare and you will receive your certificates plus the certificates will be transferrable. Train Healthcare will also verify your training meets the required standard to work in any setting within the NHS.


Hospitals are now requesting copies of nursing agency workers CVs before they are approved to work in certain clinical areas. Your CV should include your full work history and any gaps in employment must be explained. If you have been travelling for six months this should be documented. Spend a little time preparing your CV and it will help you through the registration process and also assist in getting you approved to work as quickly as possible.


The agency is required to hold on your personnel file copies of all qualifications you hold. We also need to see your statement of entry if you are a qualified nurse. Original documents must be seen so make sure and bring them to your interview.

Proof of Address

It may seem like an easy requirement however only certain documents can be accepted as set down by the NHS as proof of address. These include:

UK Driving Licence (However not if used as proof of ID)

Proof of Address Issued within the last 12 months

Benefit statement, book or card, or original notification letter from Department of Work and Pensions confirming the right of benefits, child allowance or pension.

Mortgage statement from a recognised lender (UK or EEA)

Local authority tax statement for example a council tax bill.

HMRC tax notification or tax code notification (note a P-45 or P-60 will not be acceptable)

Proof of Address Issued within the last 12 months

A Utility Bill (gas, water, electricity or landline). A certificate from a utility provider confirming arrangement to pay for services on a pre-payment terms at a fixed address. More than one utility bill can be accepted as long as they are from two different suppliers. Utility bills in joint names are acceptable. A local council rent card or tenancy agreement is also acceptable.

A bank statement, building society statement or credit card statement. (the statement must be original and cannot be an online print) If your bank statement is an online print you must get it stamped by your bank to certify its validity. There are instances where online bank statements have been fraudulently produced.

Not Acceptable as Proof of Address

Insurance Documents, P60, P45 or P46, On line shopping credit statements, Overdue notices of any type, mobile phone bills, TV licence bills, RCN letters or notifications Business bank account statements.

ID Proof and Right to Work

All nursing agency workers must provide proof of their right to work in the UK. A valid passport and valid visa or identity card must be held on our database while you are working. We must see the original documents and run a verification check on the documents with the UKBA.

The above criteria will be the same for any nursing agency you register with. Nursing Personnel’s top tip is make this process as easy as possible. Start accumulating your documentation and be organised. Chase your referees to return your reference requests, this will speed up the process.

I am a qualified nurse coming from Ireland. What do I need to work as an agency nurse in the UK?


  1. You will need to get your Irish qualifications recognised by the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and obtain a NMC PIN number. Information on NMC registration for Irish nurses can be obtained here. The agency will need to see all your original training and qualification certificates and NMC statement of entry so please bring these documents to your agency interview.
  2. You will need an Irish Police Clearance Certificate. This MUST be dated within 3 months of your registration with the UK agency or employer. There are two ways to get this document. The first is to ask your existing employer to run a Garda Clearance check before you leave your existing job so the document will be recent. Your Irish employer healthcare employer will have this facility if they are registered with the Gardai.
    The second is to write to the Garda in Ireland and fill out a Subject Access Request Form. This can be sent by post or email to the Data Protection Processing Unit in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, Ireland. The request must be made in writing with proof of ID and utility bill. This service is normally free unless the request is considered repetitive or excessive and in such cases a fee may apply. The Subject Access Request Form can be down loaded here.
  1. Read our Frequently Ask Questions especially How Fast Frack Your Registration Process

This will cover all the information you need and the quickest way to register with the agency.

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