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Planning to relocate within the UK for a better job? Some information you might consider


Edward de Bono pioneered the system of “Six Thinking Hats“, in which, for example, you look at the same situation from different perspectives when taking a decision. In the article below, we’ll try to give you the perspective of getting some of the information which you might find useful about relocating.


We suggest you read this article in this way: instead of trying to click on all the links and getting all the information, try to just have a look all the graphics and tables which are already present in the article, and only click on the additional links when you require extra information.

There is a lot of information to take in, so consider going to the most relevant information to you.

Top links to consider

Cost of living, UK and International

How inflation has changed in the last 10 years (inflation greatly affects the cost of living due to price increases):

Source: Consumer Price Inflation, July 2015. Latest data: Consumer Price Indices – ONS.


Housing – UK and London


Crime rates, UK

Social life

Air quality levels across the UK

The map below shows the locations of the Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) across the UK and which local authorities have AQMAs declared (source – Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database).


Smaller factors to be considered


Other factors to be considered when deciding to move, for which we couldn’t provide any external data, and which you will need to factor in for yourself

As a final suggestion, think about the other factors you might want to take into account, and try on other ‘hats’ than just data:

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