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How Can You Find Nursing Roles That Suit Your Profile?

A nursing career will have you care for others in a wide variety of settings. From prisons, armed forces to hospitals, there are many clinical settings you can chose from. Senior nurses often care for patients, with ailments and minor injuries and those that are critically ill. They also have more responsibilities like taking charge of wards and supervising other staff members. Here is how you can find the right role as a nurse.


You will need a degree and registration with Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The NMC recognises certain pre-registration nursing programs. These programs are run only at NMC-approved educational institutions (AEIs). If you have a degree in another practice based learning or other health-related subjects, you may be eligible to get accreditation of prior learning (APL). Such learning qualifications may be considered as program requirements towards certain approved postgraduate diplomas and approved degrees. You can obtain more information by contacting the relevant institution directly.

Update Your Resume

Irrespective of whether you are a fresh graduate or a returnee, having an updated resume is a must for finding the best nursing agency in Shrewsbury. Try building a functional resume that highlights your education and skills.


Join nursing associations and attend workshops and conferences to meet other professionals in your area. You can even volunteer to organise meetings and gain greater exposure to fellow nursing professionals. As for recommendations on the best nursing agency in Shrewsbury. Talk to your former colleagues, family, and friends for any references they may know. Referrals are a great way to find nursing jobs before they become open to the public.

Understand The Working Hours And Benefits

Undoubtedly, working as a nurse in an agency will provide you with flexibility. But it is necessary to have a look at your personal commitments and understand the working hours you are comfortable with. Also, remember to check on the pay package. Enquire whether you will receive holiday benefits, any likely costs to incur. Go ahead with the application only after ascertaining these key points.

Work Experience

Previous experience is generally necessary in most cases. A minimum of six months post qualification experience is required. Ensure you document this experience well and leave no gaps in your CV as the gaps will be questioned and you will have to explain them even if you have taken a break to go traveling.

Nursing Interview

You must prove to your interviewer that you have the right personality and clinical skills necessary for handling the role of a nurse. You will have to reference some of your clinical skills and explain the situations where you have used them

Nursing is all about empathy and great care. Finding the role of a nurse becomes easier when you are equipped with the right academic qualification and understand your expectations from the role.

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