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Britains Abortion Rules

In Britain abortion is allowed on medical grounds but according to research by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, nearly all are granted on a suspect basis.

Approximately 98 per cent of abortions in Britain are granted on the grounds that the mothers mental health would be affected if the pregnancy goes ahead, giving her an increased chance of suffering depression, anxiety or feeling suicidal.  Two doctors are required to confirm that they believe this to be the case.  But the research found that continuing with an unwanted pregnancy didn’t lead to any more mental health problems than having an abortion.

Ann Furedi, head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, said the law means women have to pretend they will have a nervous breakdown and doctors have to pretend to believe them: “I think that doctors would be far happier with a situation where they didn’t have to go through the arrangements that exist at the moment.  But because they do, we all make it work.”

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