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Free PMVA Training for Care Support Workers in Newcastle

June 27 2020

Special offer for a limited period only

Dates available:

11/04/2016 – PMVA Refresher, 1 Day
12-13-14/04/2016 – PMVA 3 Day Course

Limited places available so book today.

Contact your recruitment coordinator directly by phone or email and they will book you onto the course directly without you having to pay.

Terms & Conditions: Nursing Personnel will hold your training certificate on file but will release it on payment of the full cost of the course attended.

Revalidation & New Appraisal System

June 27 2020

Nursing Personnel has recently updated its appraisal system. New appraisal forms need to be completed urgently.

Your annual appraisals are important. After completing, please email it back to us with your proposed date and time for the appraisal discussion. This discussion will take place over the telephone. It will take from 30 minutes to an hour.

You can download the forms by clicking on the button below, please choose the appraisal form relevant to your role.

Can all RGNs/RMNs/RNLDs send us their REVALIDATION dates ASAP. This will help prioritise the reflective discussion/appraisals. If you need further information regarding revalidation, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have recently done your appraisal, please let us know the dates so that we can update the database.

We are here to help. Call us, so we can help you.


The Benefits Of Working For A Framework Agency

  • Protection for patients, thereby meeting NHS CQC standards for patient safety
  • Protection for the nurses working to CQC’s best practice standards
  • Protection of the agency and NHS trusts
  • Ensures the staff are fully compliant within Framework standards

Audit Criteria To Meet Framework Standards

  • A passport and Right to Work check with registered scanner
  • NMC and Statement of Entry and Diploma for qualified nurses
  • DBS check
  • Two references
  • Two proof of address
  • Health check clearance
  • Mandatory training check

Why Choose Nursing Personnel?

From 19th October 2015, following DoH directive, NHS Trusts are unable to use agency staff from non-framework nursing agencies.

As a fully compliant Framework agency, Nursing Personnel is able to offer:

  • Revalidation support
  • Greater flexibility and availability of shifts
  • Get ahead and join our Framework agency

Middle aged and suffering hay fever for the first time?

August 8 2012

Middle aged and suffering hay fever for the first time? Our damp summer has yielded a bumper crop of grass which is of delight for some but for others who are suffering from hay fever for the first time, the question is why?  Age is no protector against the onset of irritation caused by a constantly running nose, itchy eyes and scratchy throat unfortunately.

Approximately 26 per cent of the adult population (12million people) suffer from allergic rhinitis, a term which covers all sorts of reactions to allergens, including hay fever.  A third of this figure are people aged between 45 and 65 according to Datamonitor Healthcare.

In answer to why … There is one theory that as we age our immune system shows signs of wear and tear and begins to malfunction.  Another is that this age group are the first of the baby boomers to come through the system and have had mass inoculation, the NHS, antibiotics, and homes that are hygienic and sanitised so their immune systems are not being occupied.  In turn they are reacting to compounds that don’t pose a threat as they don’t have anything else to fight.  And lastly, there have been a lot of new species of plant being introduced to the UK, such as Ragweed from the US, whichhave higher allergen content.

Dr Seneviratne, a consultant in clinical immunology and allergy at The Royal Free Hospital in London, says: “There are so many variables.  Maybe next year the weather will create a different growth pattern for grass and trees; perhaps your immune system will be stronger.  The body is not a computer that always behaves in the expected way.  So if you are Middle aged and suffering hay fever for the first time, just because you had a bad year, it doesn’t mean you’ll suffer next year”.

NMC: Don’t let your registration lapse!

June 27 2020

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is urging nurses not to let their registration lapse as they will be taken off the register immediately, according to new rules being introduced from November 2015.

Nurses need to maintain a valid registration with the NMC in order to work – anyone found in violation of the rules could find themselves suspended from their employer.

The NMC Director of Registration, Alison Sansome, said: “From November this year there will be no opportunity for registrants to submit their documentation or pay their fee after their registration expiry date.”

The new rules are being introduced to help pave the way for a new quarterly instalment payment option for their registration fees, giving greater flexibility to nurses.

Please click here to view the original article


May 20 2020

16 April 2020


To all our valued agency staff and front line workers.

During these unprecedented times we cannot be more proud and grateful for your hard work and commitment and care provided to patients and their families.

Your efforts and commitment have had a huge impact on our country and its residence for which we all will never forget. However your health and well being is always our first priority.

Nursing Personnel has gone through great efforts to ensure that All Trusts are providing the necessary PPE for your protection in all hospital settings where necessary.

We are strictly following the New Government guidance on PPE.

The new PPE government guidance specifies precise PPE requirements for healthcare workers in secondary care clinical contexts and primary, outpatient and community care settings. All healthcare providers should be following these guidelines and standards.

Please be aware that we are always at hand to ensure that all PPE are available and at hand when you commence work. Should you have any concerns please feel free to contact us.

We are always available on 033 3043 6779 / 07748636933 or you can reach us on

The Contact Telephone Number for Nursing Personnel