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Agency Theatre Nurses and Agency ODPs Surge in Demand

Nursing Personnel are recruiting agency theatre nurses and agency ODPs (operating department practitioners) for private hospitals across the UK. The increase in demand is a result of increased waiting lists in NHS hospitals.

Agency Theatre Nurses and Agency ODPs Surge in Demand in Private Sector due to Pension Dispute with NHS Doctors

The problem is a direct result of NHS doctors, consultants and surgeons refusing to do overtime in a dispute over pensions. As a result of the pension dispute doctors by working overtime to help clear waiting lists face huge tax bills and most of the money earned in overtime will go in tax. One consultant estimates the tax bill could be £ 80,000.

Some hospitals have reported cancer scans are being delayed by six weeks, radiology turnaround times are gone form weeks to months. Patients are turning up in A&E with severe pain as a result of operations being cancelled or delayed.

Private Hospitals Increased Theatre Demand.

On the other hand private hospitals seem to be picking up some of the work that the NHS cannot schedule due to the dispute. There is now an increase in demand for agency theatre nurses and agency OPDs as some private hospitals are seeing a surge in demand.

Another worry is, if this issue is not resoled many top doctors and consultants may quit the NHS for better paid jobs in other countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The pay is better and the tax is less taxing.

There have been reports of many locum doctors, agency theatre nurses and agency ODPSs leaving the NHS as a result of the 2017 IR35 tax rules. Since these rules came into effect many agency theatre nurses, agency ODPs, and locums have been forced onto payroll and deemed employed without employment rights. In many cases they should be deemed self -employed.

The DOH have said they will look at possible solutions and Matt Hancock has said the problem will be fixed by the new tax year. However in the meantime waiting lists are expected to increase and services cut back.

Nursing Personnel are working with a number of private healthcare organisations helping to staff operating theatres across the UK. If you are an agency theatre nurse or agency ODP look for work contact Nursing Personnel by registering on- line here and we can update you on the theatre jobs we have on offer.

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