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Why working as a Paediatric nurse is both a rewarding and exciting career choice.


Want to work with unpredictable and excitable little humans? No work day is the same in nursing but working with children can be both fun and very rewarding, is a great route to take when deciding what specialism you would like to take in your nursing career. Not only are you given the chance to cure illnesses and help with nasty cuts and bumps but you sometimes get the rewarding opportunity of seeing those little humans grow up.

The role of a Paediatric nurse:

Paediatric nurses are responsible for providing specialist care to young children and work within the NHS, hospices, charities, community health centres, private clinics and schools.

Working in paediatrics means working in a team and your role will typically be working alongside paediatricians, other paediatric nurses and paediatric specialists assisting with observation, treatment, providing assistance with patient examinations as well as other typical nursing duties.

A paediatric nurse’s role is not limited to the above as you will also be responsible for being the best point of contact for children’s carers and parents and will need to provide support and guidance in a caring manner.  It is a a very hands on role you and you will need to be responsible for your own learning to stay up to date with developments in paediatric nursing, new procedures, rules and regulations.

Working hours, salary expectations and benefits of working as a paediatric nurse with Nursing Personnel:   

Nursing Personnel currently have a number of roles available for paediatric nurses across the country. Working for an agency you can expect to earn anything from £24ph to £38ph depending on location with the added bonus of low cost local accommodation for those wanting to relocate.

Our working hours are completely flexible offering you the opportunity to control the number of hours you work in a week and allowing you to choose shifts from days, nights or weekends.

Other benefits we provide are an exclusive £200 bonus for registering and an extra £200 bonus for every friend you refer to our agency.* Further to this we also offer a daily payroll which means if you work with us you no longer need to wait every 1-2 weeks or until the end of the month to be paid.

For further information on current paediatric job opportunities please call 0333 043 6779 and speak to one of our dedicated recruitment coordinators. Alternatively if you are not registered click here.

*Subject to T&C’s


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