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Why should medical professionals take precautionary methods against catching the flu virus?


With the start of cold brisk mornings, darkness by 6pm and purple and brown leaves scattered on the ground we are truly in the midst of autumn already. So it comes to no surprise that cases of sniffling noses have already began to surface.

Whilst flu season doesn’t officially peak until early January we are urging all medical professionals to begin taking precautionary methods to avoid getting run down and sick. Nurses and midwives are seen to be the least likely health workers to have a flu jab, this could potentially be down to the fact nurses hardly have time to take a toilet break let alone queue for a jab but it is vital they take the time out of their day and get protected. Catching flu whilst in hospital can be potentially dangerous for patients with the worst case scenario resulting in patient death.

Nurses and doctors working on the NHS frontline have a duty of care and responsibility to protect not only themselves, but their families and patients and help reduce the impact the virus can have on the health service.

For more information on how to get protected and beating flu speak to your local NHS trust or ward matron.



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