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What counts towards your CPD?


Read our handy guide on how to gain your CPD points.

A minimum of 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) must be completed in order for nurses to revalidate, it must be completed within the three year period before your revalidation date and be relevant to your chosen specialism. Lastly 20 hours out of the 35 hours has to be participatory learning.

Remember when looking at how to gain CPD points ensure you choose areas that are relevant to your specialism. Earning CPD points doesn’t mean endless researching or reading, there is a range of different ways to gain your 35 hours, see below for Nursing Personnel’s guide on what counts towards your CPD.

20 hours of participatory learning:

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council participatory learning is when you participate in a group activity with one or more professionals such as attending conferences, clinical workshops or training courses but you can also include online discussions and twitter chats.

Participatory learning can also include team meeting discussions about topics such as development in practise or analysis of a new procedure which may have been implemented. When contributing to any participatory learning remember to keep a copy of any notes taken as evidence of your participation and any other signed interpretations and letters. If you attend any seminars or conferences keep a copy of your certificate of attendance.

Work based activity:

Learning on the job also counts towards your CPD points and can easily be gained through work shadowing a senior nurse or someone who is working in a different role to yourself, being on a secondment and supervising student nurses.

Formal learning:

Formal learning includes any courses that have been undertaken by an accredited body this can include courses taken at university.

Professional activity:

Participating in activities such as teaching, running a course or mentoring are ways that professional activity can count towards your CPD.

Reading journals and research papers can further count, just remember to ensure any articles being read are relevant to your practise.

Recording your CPD hours:

Your CPD must be undertaken over a 3 year period which can equate to 12hrs per year. Understandably this can be hard to keep track of which is why the NMC have designed a handy log sheet. Download log sheet.

For further information on revalidation ask to speak to one of our Clinical team members on 0333 043 6779


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