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Tips to Work as an Agency Nurse

nurseAgency nurse jobs are a rewarding career option for many people because of the satisfaction to help others and the obvious advantage of making more money than the permanent employees.

In most cases, candidates choose Agency Nurse Jobs because of the freedom to work their own hours. It is also their prerogative to choose the assignments that they find to be fulfilling and also escape the unwanted graveyard shifts.

Nurses are no strangers to the prospect of working with nursing agencies. That being said, there is not much clarity about how to register and get work once the registration is complete.

So if you are planning to work as an agency nurse but not sure how, then the following tips will help you through the process.

Register with an Agency

The first thing you need to do is register yourself with an agency and submit all your documents, such as references, training, occupational health information and DBS Disclosure. You will also be required to sit for an interview to understand your expectations. Preparing your documents beforehand will help you expedite the registration process that will allow you to pick up work quicker.

Know Your Flexibility Levels

Agencies often work across multiple service types and facilities. Many first-timers come with a narrow experience of working within one setting only, mostly hospitals. However, you can discuss your range of placement when you apply for agency nursing jobs and tell them the areas where you are comfortable working. This is important because the consultants will help you match with your area of interest that is both good for you and your employer. Open communication is the key to find right assignments.

Determine Your Availability

You should know your availability beforehand so that you can increase the chance of working in your choice of shifts. Be honest with your agency about your work days so that they can put you in the right shifts. They will offer you shifts that will align with your availability, allowing you and your employer to manage work schedules effectively.

Discuss Your Travel Arrangements

You must discuss your travel restrictions with the consultant so that they can find you something closer to home. This is especially true when you don’t have a car and have to depend on public transport for commuting. You must discuss how you will commute to work or if relocation is a possibility. This information can be really helpful in finding you suitable placements.

Working as an agency nurse is not the same as working as a permanent employee. You get paid weekly and you will be working on a shift-to-shift basis. But if you want to be successful in your assignments, you need to know if it the right thing for you.

Simply put, even though this a promising career, you need to set your expectations correctly and be open to discuss your concerns with the agency.

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