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Spring Bank Holiday Weekend Rates. Sunday 29th and Monday 30th May 2016



Make the most of our excellent enhanced RGN & HCA rates
over the spring Bank Holiday:

Best RGN rates

Worcester: £36.42 p/h
Birmingham: £26.00 p/h
Chesterfield: £34.35 p/h
Derby: £28.51 p/h
Nottingham: £29.29 p/h
Mansfield, Notts: £29.62 p/h
Manchester: £26.00 p/h
Middlesbrough: £27.36 p/h
Goole: £29.29 p/h
Scunthorpe: £29.29 p/h
Plymouth: £34.19 p/h
Southampton: £34.35 p/h
Devon: £34.35 p/h
Berkshire: £29.00 p/h

Best HCA rates

Worcester: £18.00 p/h
Birmingham: £18.00 p/h
Mansfield, Notts: £16.37 p/h
Middlesbrough: £14.92 p/h
Northumberland: £15.29 p/h
Manchester: £18.00 p/h
Southampton: £17.00 p/h
Reading: £18.00 p/h
Southend: £18.00 p/h

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