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Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are more common than most think with people in the UK struggling to get enough sleep at night which leaves them tired during the day.

According to sleep disorder specialist Dr Peter Venn, the minimum amount of sleep we should be aiming for is six hours. Dr Venn says: “There is evidence that the amount of sleep on average that society is getting is shortening and if you are tired during the day the best thing you can do is address your night time sleeping pattern. The best amount of sleep to get is about 7.5 to 8 hours and that’s where mortality rates are the lowest.”

An increasingly popular solution to a lack of sleep is a power nap during the day but experts are divided as to whether this is beneficial. The most commonly cited study, compiled in 2006, suggests a daytime nap of less than 30 minutes will promote wakefulness. What experts do agree on however is that a daytime nap should not replace sleeping at night as this is when restorative sleep takes place.


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