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Silver Boosts Antibiotics

Scientists at Boston University have found that by giving silver with antibiotics made them between ten and a thousand times better at fighting infections.

The metal makes bacteria weaker allowing antibiotics to get inside and kill them. The findings come after Professor Dame Sally Davies, a top doctor in Britain, said that unless urgent action is taken, the growing antibiotic resistance could leave many vulnerable to untreatable bugs within a generation. Dr Jim Collins, a US researcher, said: “The number of antibiotic resistant strains in our hospitals and communities is growing and is growing dramatically and has been for some time. This development is accompanied by a drop in new antibiotics being developed and approved. We are taking a different approach. Instead of trying to develop a completely new antibiotic, we are trying to enhance the ones we already have.” The medication could be laced with silver or coated in a fine dusting of the metal and could be used to treat stomach bugs and urinary tract infections among others.

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