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How to Prepare for an Agency Nurse Job Interview?


Whether you are a newly qualified nurse or an experienced agency nurse, interviewing for your next nursing job can be daunting. Along with your technical expertise, you have to win over the interviewer that you are an ideal candidate for their healthcare organisation.

To make you land the best nursing agency jobs, here we share some advice and tips to help you with the interview process. With these tips, you will be able to prepare well for your next agency nursing interview.

Market Research

The primary step in preparing for your next agency nursing interview is to do in-depth market research. Let the interviewer know that you researched the position you are applying for and let them know you understand the role, location and what will be expected of you. In addition to the job description, you must research thoroughly about the healthcare organisation or hospital setting you want to work in. Most hospitals and private healthcare organisations will have plenty of information posted on line. Do your homework before the interview and it will impress the interviewer.

Dress Appropriately

Your appearance is important. You will be representing the agency as an agency nurse. It is a good idea to dress professionally for you interview. First impressions last and make a difference. By making an effort it will show the interviewer you are serious about the position you are applying for, and it is also an indicator of your dedication and commitment to the agency nursing position. Ask the interviewer if there is a specific agency uniform that must be worn. Most of the time, agencies will have their own specific uniform so you can be easily identifiable. Use your time at the interview to ask questions to clarify dress the code and standards expected.

The Opening Session

Your interview starts as soon as you enter the premises. Interviewers notice everything. From your expressions, body language, eye contact, and other gestures. It is essential that you appear confident and relaxed from the start.

Consider the interview as the first opportunity to promote yourself. Some of the common questions for which you should prepare well in advance are:

  • Why do you want this nursing agency position?
  • What has motivated you to become an agency nurse?
  • What is it you like about working as an agency nurse?
  • What hobbies do you have outside of work?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Technical Expertise and Soft Skills

Once you have had a chance to introduce yourself, the interviewer will ask some sample questions. This will include real life scenarios and examples of a time when you have been in a specific situation. Such questions are asked to test your competency / skills and to know how you deal with real-life situations and challenges.

Along with soft skills, you will have to answer some technical questions also. When answering any question, make sure you highlight any particular skills or characteristic that pertain to yourself. Self-motivation, patient care, crisis management, and teamwork are essential traits that you discuss to showcase your skill sets.

Concluding Note

Once you are towards the end of your interview, you will have an opportunity to ask some questions. It is best to go prepared with a set of questions, this will shows your interest in nursing agency jobs.

Remember, your interview is over only when you leave the site. So, stay professional at all times. Don’t stress after the interview. Once it is over, you can relax and put it down to experience. After a few days if you have not heard anything you can always send an email asking for feedback on your interview.

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