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Potential Career Path for Band 6 Agency Nurse in ITU Department


In the ITU or Intensive Therapy Unit, nurses provide consistent care and monitoring for the patients in critical conditions. It is the ward in NHS hospitals where mechanical and medical interventions are available for patients suffering from organ malfunctioning. For example, patients having difficulty in breathing are given breathing support on ventilators for the circulation of oxygen in the lungs. Since this ward has the equipment to monitor every bodily function closely, this equipment is often monitored by ITU nurses.

What to Expect from Nursing Care in ITU?

If you are looking for agency nurse ITU jobs, it is important to understand the level of patient care in this department. The patients in the ITU departments fall into many categories. Some will include patients suffering from a heart attack, stroke, organ failure, or after a severe accident. Another category will include patients admitted after major surgery for the administration of fluids and medications by IV.

What Do You Need to Become an ITU Nurse?

Although there’s no specific degree required for direct entry into an ITU department, you should have the right mix of skills and experience. Mostly, nurses with a degree or diploma can apply for an intensive care setting if they have the right experience. In a NHS hospital, Band 5 and Band 6 nurses will work in the critical care units. The salaries are excellent, and so are the benefit packages. However due to staff shortages in the NHS there is a need for agency nurses with the skill sets to cover and fill agency nurse ITU jobs.

What Are the Future Career Prospects for ITU Nurses?

After gaining experience of 4-5 years in critical care, you could progress to Band 6 Charge or Senior Nurse Charge. With these positions, you may also get an opportunity to do a master’s degree, become a mentor, or get training in an ITU-related subjects area like Advanced Trauma Nurse Training. Depending on the particular hospital and openings that become available, you may progress quicker through the ranks.

What Is the Salary Range for ITU Nurses?

If you’re applying for ITU nursing jobs in the NHS, you can expect to get paid a Band 5 nurse rate. The salary will start at £23,023. This will increase annually in accordance with NHS agenda for change pay rates to £29,608. A full list of pay scales is available on the NHS websites.

If you are going to apply for a NHS band 6 nurse ITU job the salaries will start at £28,050. This can increase to £36,644 over 8 years . The salaries in the private sector vary by employer. There may be benefits offered by NHS hospitals or private sector. So, you should check the job details clearly before applying.

The NHS will have to follow the above pay scales and pay points. The private sector may offer a more competitive package as the private sector does not have to follow NHS agenda for change pay rules. Often nursing agencies will pay a premium for highly skilled agency nurses that can run or manage and ITU department. To find out more on ITU jobs contact Nursing Personnel a reputable nursing agency in London.

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