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Pot Bellies Not All Bad

In a recent study researchers have found that that a pot belly might not be as bad for some as it is for others.

Women with pot bellies and muffin tops are less likely to break bones than those with perfectly toned tummies.  However, for men the same can’t be said.  Researchers studied 1000 men and women aged 50 years plus over a period of five years and during that time 107 women broke bones compared to 19 men.  The study was conducted by a team at Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research and factored a link between big bellies and breaks in women but hastened to add that although some fat around the middle can be ok, being obese is not.

Project leader, Tuan Nguyen, said: “The study appears to be consistent with the fact that obesity levels are rising worldwide at the same time fracture incidence is decreasing.”

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