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Are you aware of your pay group?


It is important that nurses working with Nursing Personnel know their pay group. Please read the following and choose the option which suits you.


PAYE tax is deducted from your wage each time you are paid. The amount of PAYE is determined by your tax code and National Insurance category. The tax code is determined by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) based on your expected income, tax allowances, exemptions and reliefs for the full tax year.

Limited Company

If you choose to work through your own Limited Company you will be responsible for paying your own taxes and you must ensure you are compliant with the IR-35 legislation. For processing your pay through a Limited Company we charge £12.50 per week.

We require the following documents in order to pay your wages to your Limited Company:

  1. Business Bank Details
  2. A Shareholders Certificate
  3. Certificate of Incorporation
  4. VAT registration letter (if your Company is VAT registered)

Umbrella Company

The key benefit of using our Umbrella Company is that you can use the expenses you incur as part of your job, and certain other expenses, to reduce the amount of PAYE tax and National Insurance that you pay. This will increase your take home pay. The expenses you incur are used to lower your income tax and national insurance contributions. They will not be reimbursed to you but through the reductions your take home pay will be significantly increased.

Expenses you can claim:

  • Subsistence (we will automatically claim this for you at HMRC approved rates)
  • Mileage, public transport or cab, parking, tolls
  • Accommodation- hotel, hospital quarters, B&B or £25 a night staying with a friend allowance
  • Mobile phone, Internet, stationary, faxes, postage & office equipment
  • NMC, GMC and other professional subscriptions
  • Training, uniform, dry cleaning
  • Occupational Health screening and Fit to Work certificate

New nurses will automatically be set up under the Umbrella Company, if any of the three categories is not chosen before first shift.

The Umbrella Company service does charge 4% of the gross pay per pay cycle and appears as [admin overhead] on your payslip.

For further information please fill in a contact form or dial 0845 122 0414.

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