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An Overview of Being a Part of Critical Care Nursing

Critical Care

As a leading nursing agency in the UK, we offer specialised services in placing trained critical care nursing professionals across the UK.

We consistently offer an extensive range of full and part-time opportunities for specialists A&E, ICU agency nurse jobs, HDU and ITU for both block bookings and ad hoc shifts. If you wish to work as a critical care nurse with some of the major healthcare centres across the UK, which can help you gain experience as well as career progression, then the below points may be of interest to you re critical care nursing.

Registration Requirements for Critical Care Nursing Role

In order to work as a critical care nurse in England, you have to meet the following basic requirements:

  • Be eligible to work in the UK
  • Hold a valid registration with the NMC
  • A minimum of 6 months relevant and recent experience

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Critical care nursing is a challenging profession, but at the same time, it is rewarding too. As specialists in placing ICU agency nurse jobs, A&E, HDU, and ITU nurses, we pride ourselves on finding the ideal candidate that matches every job role or requirement we receive.

ITU Nursing

The role of HDU and ITU nursing is intense but equally promising. ITU nurses offer 24 x 7 care as well as monitor patients who are seriously ill and need intensive care treatment. In order to work in an ICU team, you have to be a fully qualified registered general nurse and must be willing to work a high dependency area, be part of a multi-disciplinary unit team and care for critically ill patients.

ICU nurses can be split between paediatric or adult care. Critical care nurses must be prepared to work long, stretched hours, usually 12- hours’ shift and must function as a part of the team. Excellent interpersonal and multitasking skills are needed in order to work with patients as well as their families. Most importantly, such nurses must have the ability to remain calm under challenging situations.

With the number of intricate care cases on the increase, the amount of ITU nursing roles is expected to increase. The most difficult part that nurses have to handle is the end of life situations. But the rewards are endless when their role is involved in patient recovery.

A&E Nursing

The demand for A&E nurses has increased dramatically over the past number of years in the UK. Nurses working in this fast-paced environment, must be able to work well under stressful and pressurised situations. Nurse must also possess excellent clinical skills and a have a very positive attitude.

A&E nurses are expected to work a part of a team in areas like triage, minors, majors, and rhesus. For those working in triage, they have to make assessments and signpost (often deciding who gets seen to first) patients to the appropriate area of the A&E department. For those working with minors, they are expected to take care of patients according to their needs across a comprehensive range of cases. If you are working in majors, your role will involve operating as a part of the emergency team, dealing with severe cases, which can be life-threatening.

If you enjoy challenges, and are flexible and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, critical care nursing could be for you. Just make sure you meet the minimum requirements and have the desired skills. Also check out the services of a nursing agency near you.

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