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Nursing Personnel’s quick tips to get you registered and working with us within a week of interview


Interviews can be a daunting prospect for many, which is why Nursing Personnel regard it as more of a face to face meeting allowing you the opportunity to get to know us. Here are some key tips to help you feel confident and prepared to start working with us within a week of interview.

Step 1: Registering

  • Registering with nursing personnel is a very easy and quick process. Just visit our website and fill in your contact details in less than a minute.
  • Once registered one of our friendly registration team members will contact you to discuss your needs and begin the process of helping you find that perfect role.
  • Happy and ready to get started? The next step is to book your face to face meeting, you can book this via logging into the portal or downloading our MPP App.

Step 2: Preparing for the face to face meeting

  • Print our Interview Document Checklist (IDC) you can find this in your booking conformation email.
  • Our IDC is like gold, so don’t lose it but use it. Check you have everything on this list before coming to see our clinical nurse team member who will conduct the face to face meeting.
  • Relax and remember to breath. There is no need to be nervous.
  • Have examples of your day to day duties, our face to face meeting isn’t about catching you out we just want to know what experience you have.
  • Talk to your interviewer, we want you to work with us so have questions prepared to ask us. This could be locations available, rates or benefits we provide.

Step 3: What’s next?

  • You’ve had a great face to face meeting with our clinical team and you’re exited to join Nursing Personnel’s hard working, dedicated and above all wonderful team. So what’s next?
  • After the face to face meeting, re-check your IDC and make sure you have brought everything you needed. Your interviewer will tell you if there is anything missing that we still need.
  • Once you have completed all the necessary forms and shown us everything we need you can sit back and relax. Our registration team will work hard at completing your registration and making you live with Nursing Personnel.


What are you waiting for? Register now and let our amazing friendly team kick start your career with Nursing Personnel.

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