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Nursing Personnel Nursing Agency Update

Nursing Personnel Nursing Agency Update

It’s been a busy month at our Nursing Agency with a great deal happening across the UK. Nursing Personnel are delighted to be working with a number of NHS Trusts across the UK to secure agency nurses to cover winter pressures.

As a result Nursing Personnel can now offer block bookings in most locations with excellent pay-rates for nurses looking for guaranteed work. The specialities required by the hospitals cover most clinical areas including general medicine and accident and emergency. Across many locations accommodation is available. An example of pay rates we can offer nurses include:

Nursing Agency Job Locations and Pay Rates

South Yorkshire:  Day Rates £28.00, Nights £31.00 P/H

North Lincolnshire: Day Rates £27.00 / £28 A&E

Warwickshire:  Day Rates £26.00, Nights £32.00 P/H

Devon:  Day Rates £40.00, Nights £45.00 P/H

Lincolnshire:  Day Rates £25.00, Nights £27.00 P/H

Cumbria:  Day Rates £27.00, Nights £31.00 P/H

London:  Day Rates £22.00, Nights £ 25.00 P/H

Oxfordshire:  Day Rates £24.50, Nights £ 30.00 P/H

West Midlands: Day Rates £25.00 Nights £32.00 P/H

North Midlands: Day £29.00 Night £34.00 P/H

The above is just a sample of competitive pay-rates across the UK. Rates quoted are umbrella and are subject to change.  For a full list of the available work please click here to see all of Nursing Personnel’s nursing agency jobs.

Nursing Personnel have just been awarded a place on the Barchester Healthcare preferred supplier list and as a result we will be able to offer work to agency nurses and healthcare assistants across the UK to many Barchester Healthcare sites. Some of the areas that we will be supplying into cover:

Yorkshire, Worcestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Lancashire, Shrewsbury, Durham, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Durham and many more locations. Excellent pay rates are available in the above locations and for private sector.

Registration Bonus

As an incentive to attract agency nurses, Nursing Personnel are extending our registration bonus of £1,000 (terms apply) for all new nurses registering. This is a limited time offer so we would encourage all nurses interested in receiving the bonus to register and start working as soon as possible. If you would like more information please register online or call our offices on 033 3043 6779.

To view some of our recent blog posts feel free to click here. Current posts include an article on HMRC chasing nurses for tax on umbrella loan schemes and a large cash injection from the government to assist accident and emergency departments over the winter months.

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