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Why do you want a Nursing Job

Often when you are interviewed for a job you can be asked the simple question ‘Why do you want a Nursing Job’?. This often gets put as ‘Why do you want to be a Nurse’? Here is one persons thoughts on this question –

Why Do You Want to be a Nurse?

This might seem like a nit-picky question but in job interviews what is the best response to “So why did you want to be a nurse”? I find this question to be a frustrating one because I’m not applying to nursing school. I’m already a nurse. My response has been “Well, it’s what I decided I wanted to do when I was a teenager. I took an allied health course in high school and the career choice clicked”. Is that what they’re after? I think they should ask “Why do you want to be our nurse?” instead.

I wasn’t one of those people that knew since they were 7-years-old that nursing was their calling/destiny and nothing else would quench their professional thirst. And when they ask that question, I feel like they are disappointed if you don’t have some inspiring story that moves them.

10 funny signs I was destined to become a nurse

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As a kid, I never thought of being a nurse. It wasn’t until my mid-20s, after a degree in a totally unrelated field, that started thinking I might become a healthcare provider. Here were my clues that I was destined to be a nurse…what were yours?

10 funny signs I was destined to become a nurse

Whatever your answer, be prepared!

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