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Nurses Day 2017

Celebrated internationally every 12th May, Nurses Day is a day to show support to nurses who work above and beyond expectations to take care of people. It a fantastic day to celebrate nurse’s vocation and the differences they make to millions of people’s lives worldwide.

Fun facts about Nurses

  • 1965 was the first time nurses day was celebrated
  • The first nursing school was set up in 250BC in India
  • Nurse’s day is celebrated on Florence Nightingales birthday. This year she would have been 197 years old.
  • The word nurse was originally ‘nourice’ meaning someone who nourishes.
  • Nurses can also be doctors. Nurses who continue to pursue further education can gain a nursing doctorate.
  • Walt Whitman the famous poet and essayist who worked as a volunteer nurse during the civil war got the theme for his poem “The Wound Dresser” from his experience nursing in the battlefield.


Our London HQ helped support the RCNi foundation with our very own bake sale. See below for photos from the day

RCNi Nurses Day


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