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NHS Recruitment Drive

Doctor and Nurse Recruitment

Nursing Personnel are delighted to see the NHS have committed to nurse recruitment and doctor  recruitment for the future.

The NHS has just launched its biggest recruitment drive in the history of the NHS. The NHS will spend £8 million trying to attract the younger generation to work in the public sector.

The NHS needs young nurses and doctors applying for the vacant nurse jobs across the UK.

It was widely reported that there are over 35,000 vacant nurse jobs throughout the NHS at the moment. Nurse recruitment as result is paramount to ensuring the NHS can provide the service patients need.

As an approved framework agency Nursing Personnel welcome the recruitment drive and see opportunities in working with the NHS to assist in filling many of the outstanding nursing vacancies.

Nursing Personnel are also delighted to see the commitment of the government to substantially increase funding to the NHS in the region of 20 billion pounds in the coming years.

Last month the Prime Minister announced the NHS budget would increase by 3.4% to £114 billion funded by a Brexit dividend.

The increased funding will be welcomed by all, however it is important the funding is utilised in the correct areas like front line staffing.

If you are a nurse or healthcare working and considering working in the NHS, Nursing Personnel have an abundance of flexible working options across the UK.

Nursing Personnel is an approved framework nursing agency and have first option on nursing agency jobs in almost all regions across the country.

We also have very attractive pay rates and can offer block booking and assistance with accommodation.

We are passionate about recruitment and can help find you the right agency nurse job.

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