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NHS Nurses Pay Rate Increase Questioned

Many media sources including Sky News and the Independent are highlighting concern’s raised over the public sector pay cap. This has been well publicised including a substantial nurse pay rate rises being awarded to NHS workers. The public sector pay cap was put in place by the conservative party in 2010 for wages above £21,000.

This month substantive NHS nurses should receive a pay increase the first in almost 8 years.

Nurse Pay Rate Increases Questioned

Labour however are calling the Public Sector pay increases:

“ Nothing more than a PR stunt by the government”.  In real terms junior doctors and medics will get an increase of 2%, however if you take into account of inflation over the past 8 years, a 2% increase for medical staff would actually end up being a pay cut or decrease in salary.

Peter Dowd, shadow chief secretary to the Treasury said:

“Real wages in the public sector are lower today than they were in 2010”

Many nurses have taken to social media to express their disappointment at receiving a 35 pence nurse pay rate increase. One nurse was quoted saying “This pay deal will solve all our problems!!, I am completely underwhelmed at receiving my 35 pence increase. I will try not to spend it all at once!!”

RCN Questions Nurses Pay Deal

Questions are now being asked if this was the best pay deal possible. The Royal College of Nursing has stated the deal was very confusing and only a quarter of their members actually voted for the pay deal. Yesterday the RCN issued an apology, Janet Davies Chief Executive stated:

“Nurses will receive a 3% nurse pay increase and this would be backdated to April”. This statement has now been highlighted as incorrect.

The GMB recommended rejecting the pay deal and are now holding a consultation ballot on industrial action.

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