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HDU is an exciting area to specialise in for NHS medical nurses. Our nursing agency has a range of RGN jobs at hospitals such as Southampton General Hospital.

HDU Jobs at Southampton General Hospital

About HDU Nurses

HDU nurses care for patients in high dependency units (HDUs), who require intermediate care. Their conditions may not be as life threatening as patients in intensive care units but still require a lot of observation and care. It can be a good area to specialise in working with vulnerable adults or specific disorders. If you are interested in working in this area, please look at our guidelines below before applying:

  • NMC registered (with active pin)
  • 18 months post qualification experience (unless you hold a diploma in Critical Care)
  • Excellent knowledge of HDU practices
  • Good communication skills, both written and oral
  • Good data management and record-keeping skills
  • Must be willing to travel
  • Shift work may be involved, including weekends and evenings
  • Can work with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, including technicians and consultants

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