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EAU - Alexandra Hospital

Nurses at Alexandra Hospital's EAU assess patients who have come from the hospital's Emergency Department. Working with doctors and other professionals, they help assess patients with serious injuries and/or illnesses who require specialised monitoring and treatment.
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN04/04/202019:0007:30Night11431459View details
RGN / RN05/04/202019:0007:30Night11433635View details
RGN / RN05/04/202019:0007:30Night11433638View details
RGN / RN07/04/202007:0013:15Early11437744View details
RGN / RN07/04/202019:0007:30Night11441865View details
RGN / RN08/04/202007:0013:15Early11442755View details
RGN / RN08/04/202013:1519:30Late11444756View details
RGN / RN08/04/202019:0007:30Night11446817View details
RGN / RN09/04/202007:0013:15Early11446968View details
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