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Oncology - Southampton General Hospital

Southampton General Hospital's oncology unit provides diagnosis and treatment for cancer sufferers in the south of England. A Cancer Research UK centre of excellence, it specialises in breast cancer, gynaecological cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, sarcoma and testicular cancer. Other kinds of cancer, such as brain cancer, are treated at the unit. Support is provided for a range of patients, including children.
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN30/01/202007:3014:00Early11283515View details
RGN / RN30/01/202007:4514:00Early11283557View details
RGN / RN30/01/202014:0020:00Late11285461View details
RGN / RN30/01/202014:0020:00Late11285486View details
RGN / RN28/01/202014:0120:15Late11289044View details
RGN / RN28/01/202007:4514:00Early11289078View details
RGN / RN31/01/202019:3008:00Night11290019View details
RGN / RN27/01/202014:0120:00Late11292096View details
RGN / RN03/02/202007:3014:00Early11293315View details
RGN / RN03/02/202007:4514:00Early11293331View details
RGN / RN03/02/202014:0120:01Late11295381View details
RGN / RN03/02/202014:0020:00Late11295384View details
RGN / RN01/02/202014:0120:00Late11295913View details
RGN / RN04/02/202007:3014:00Early11297592View details
RGN / RN04/02/202014:0120:01Late11298548View details
RGN / RN05/02/202007:3014:00Early11299721View details
RGN / RN05/02/202019:3008:00Night11302026View details
RGN / RN31/01/202019:4508:15Night11302258View details
RGN / RN06/02/202007:3014:00Early11302720View details
RGN / RN06/02/202007:3014:00Early11302743View details
RGN / RN06/02/202007:4514:00Early11302772View details
RGN / RN06/02/202014:0020:00Late11304090View details
RGN / RN07/02/202007:3014:00Early11305368View details
RGN / RN07/02/202007:3014:00Early11305381View details
RGN / RN01/02/202007:3014:00Early11310647View details
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