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Cardiology - Southampton General Hospital

The cardiac surgery department carries out all aspects of heart surgery apart from transplants.

Its routine procedures include coronary artery bypass grafting, heart valve replacement and repair, aortic surgery (to the large artery that supplies the whole body with blood) and heart failure surgery.

Our nursing agency offers competitive rates and a range of shifts for cardiology nurses looking to work at Southampton General Hospital. Please see below:
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN19/07/201807:1515:15Early10122993View details
RGN / RN19/07/201812:1520:15Late10123458View details
RGN / RN19/07/201812:1520:15Late10123459View details
RGN / RN20/07/201807:1515:15Early10124632View details
RGN / RN19/07/201807:1513:00Early10124757View details
RGN / RN20/07/201812:1520:15Late10125055View details
RGN / RN20/07/201812:1520:15Late10125056View details
RGN / RN19/07/201807:1513:00Early10125059View details
RGN / RN21/07/201807:1515:15Early10125920View details
RGN / RN19/07/201814:0020:15Late10126685View details
RGN / RN19/07/201814:0020:15Late10126696View details
RGN / RN20/07/201807:1513:00Early10126915View details
RGN / RN21/07/201812:1520:15Late10128175View details
RGN / RN21/07/201814:0020:15Late10128196View details
RGN / RN21/07/201812:1520:15Late10128256View details
RGN / RN22/07/201807:1514:00Night10129751View details
RGN / RN22/07/201814:0020:15Late10131063View details
RGN / RN22/07/201814:0020:15Late10131127View details
RGN / RN22/07/201819:4507:45Night10131812View details
RGN / RN23/07/201807:1514:00Early10132034View details
RGN / RN23/07/201807:1515:15Early10132037View details
RGN / RN23/07/201807:1513:00Early10132058View details
RGN / RN18/07/201819:4507:45Night10132330View details
RGN / RN19/07/201819:4507:45Night10132466View details
RGN / RN23/07/201812:1520:15Late10132846View details
RGN / RN23/07/201814:0020:15Late10133276View details
RGN / RN23/07/201814:0020:15Late10133325View details
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