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A&E - Queen Alexandra Hospital

The A&E department at Queen Alexandra Hospital provides emergency treatment to patients from parts of Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire. It treats over 78000 patients each year, from a broad range of illnesses and injuries. A team of skilled nurses help care for patients, performing blood tests, requesting x-rays and cannulation.
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN23/03/201810:0018:00Long Day9787357View details
RGN / RN26/03/201807:3014:00Early9796760View details
RGN / RN26/03/201807:3014:00Early9796804View details
RGN / RN26/03/201807:3014:00Early9796812View details
RGN / RN26/03/201807:3014:00Early9796818View details
RGN / RN26/03/201810:0018:00Long Day9797150View details
RGN / RN20/03/201810:0018:00Long Day9797152View details
RGN / RN26/03/201814:0020:00Late9797663View details
RGN / RN26/03/201814:0020:00Late9797672View details
RGN / RN26/03/201814:0020:00Late9797715View details
RGN / RN20/03/201810:0018:00Long Day9798330View details
RGN / RN24/03/201807:3014:00Early9798838View details
RGN / RN24/03/201807:3014:00Early9798898View details
RGN / RN24/03/201810:0018:00Long Day9799956View details
RGN / RN24/03/201814:0020:00Late9801451View details
RGN / RN24/03/201814:0020:00Late9801466View details
RGN / RN24/03/201814:0020:00Late9801479View details
RGN / RN21/03/201814:0020:00Late9801502View details
RGN / RN24/03/201814:0020:00Late9801558View details
RGN / RN20/03/201819:3008:00Night9801789View details
RGN / RN20/03/201819:3008:00Night9801797View details
RGN / RN23/03/201817:4501:45Twilight9802262View details
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