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Accute Medicine - Derriford Hospital

The Acute Medicine Unit at Derriford Hospital treats patients with urgent medical conditions who have been referred by their GP or transferred from A&E.
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN20/07/201814:0120:00Late10120938View details
RGN / RN20/07/201814:0120:00Late10120943View details
RGN / RN21/07/201807:3014:00Early10120964View details
RGN / RN21/07/201814:0120:00Late10120986View details
RGN / RN19/07/201819:3008:00Night10124210View details
RGN / RN19/07/201807:3014:00Early10124779View details
RGN / RN19/07/201814:0120:00Late10124781View details
RGN / RN20/07/201819:3008:00Night10125528View details
RGN / RN21/07/201819:3008:00Night10129098View details
RGN / RN22/07/201819:3008:00Night10131661View details
RGN / RN22/07/201819:3008:00Night10131815View details
RGN / RN23/07/201807:3014:00Early10133007View details
RGN / RN23/07/201807:3014:00Early10133017View details
RGN / RN23/07/201814:0020:00Late10133028View details
RGN / RN23/07/201807:3014:00Early10133051View details
RGN / RN23/07/201814:0120:00Late10133067View details
RGN / RN23/07/201814:0120:00Late10133070View details
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