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General Surgery - John Radcliffe Hospital

John Radcliffe Hospital general surgery department offers a range of treatments, including hernias and gallbladder surgery. General surgical nurses can gain experience working with surgeons and other medical professionals through this specialty.

Our agency offers competitive rates for registered general nurses interested in nursing jobs in this area. Please see below for the General Surgery shifts available at John Radcliffe Hospital:
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN09/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11161123View details
RGN / RN10/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11165709View details
RGN / RN11/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11168561View details
RGN / RN12/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11171731View details
RGN / RN12/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11171734View details
RGN / RN12/12/201913:0020:00Late11173219View details
RGN / RN13/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11174744View details
RGN / RN10/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11175141View details
RGN / RN11/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11175148View details
RGN / RN08/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11175430View details
RGN / RN13/12/201913:0020:00Late11176125View details
RGN / RN08/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11176415View details
RGN / RN10/12/201908:0018:00Long Day11177247View details
RGN / RN14/12/201907:0014:00Early11177841View details
RGN / RN14/12/201907:0020:00Long Day11177862View details
RGN / RN09/12/201913:0020:00Late11178158View details
RGN / RN09/12/201919:3007:30Night11178160View details
RGN / RN09/12/201907:0014:00Early11178190View details
RGN / RN14/12/201913:0020:00Late11178499View details
RGN / RN08/12/201919:3007:30Night11178651View details
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