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General Surgery - Lincoln County Hospital

A number of surgical treatments are available at Lincoln County Hospital, including gallbladder surgery, varicose vein stripping and endoscopy.
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN23/05/201812:3020:00Late9980293View details
RGN / RN24/05/201807:0020:00Long Day9982306View details
RGN / RN27/05/201819:3007:30Night9982313View details
RGN / RN23/05/201819:3007:30Night9983463View details
RGN / RN23/05/201819:3007:30Night9983464View details
RGN / RN24/05/201819:3007:30Night9983534View details
RGN / RN26/05/201819:3007:30Night9983535View details
RGN / RN25/05/201819:3007:30Night9983536View details
RGN / RN25/05/201819:3007:30Night9983537View details
RGN / RN24/05/201819:3007:30Night9983538View details
RGN / RN27/05/201819:3007:30Night9983539View details
RGN / RN27/05/201819:3007:30Night9983541View details
RGN / RN26/05/201819:3007:30Night9983547View details
RGN / RN25/05/201807:0020:00Long Day9984816View details
RGN / RN26/05/201807:0020:00Long Day9984819View details
RGN / RN26/05/201807:0020:00Long Day9984820View details
RGN / RN27/05/201807:0020:00Long Day9984821View details
RGN / RN27/05/201807:0020:00Long Day9984840View details
RGN / RN28/05/201807:0020:00Long Day9984853View details
RGN / RN28/05/201807:0020:00Long Day9984854View details
RGN / RN29/05/201807:0020:00Long Day9987486View details
RGN / RN30/05/201807:0020:00Long Day9995525View details
RGN / RN23/05/201812:3020:00Late9998168View details
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