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A&E - Lincoln County Hospital

Lincoln County Hospital's A&E department serves the community of Lincoln 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It offers a range of treatments to help patients in need of immediate care. High rates of pay are on offer for A&E nurses interested in working at this clinical setting.

Please take a look at the A&E jobs our nursing agency has at Lincoln County Hospital:
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN22/02/201819:4508:15Night9673854View details
RGN / RN23/02/201807:3020:00Long Day9673911View details
RGN / RN24/02/201812:0020:00Late9682006View details
RGN / RN24/02/201812:0020:00Late9682007View details
RGN / RN24/02/201807:3020:00Long Day9682008View details
RGN / RN24/02/201807:3020:00Long Day9682010View details
RGN / RN22/02/201807:4520:15Long Day9684692View details
RGN / RN26/02/201807:3020:00Long Day9690394View details
RGN / RN26/02/201812:0020:00Late9690397View details
RGN / RN26/02/201818:0004:00Twilight9690406View details
RGN / RN26/02/201819:3008:00Night9690408View details
RGN / RN25/02/201818:0004:00Twilight9690423View details
RGN / RN26/02/201819:4508:15Night9692618View details
RGN / RN27/02/201807:3020:00Long Day9694476View details
RGN / RN27/02/201819:3008:00Night9694482View details
RGN / RN27/02/201818:0004:00Twilight9694483View details
RGN / RN23/02/201819:3008:00Night9694496View details
RGN / RN27/02/201819:4508:15Night9695521View details
RGN / RN27/02/201816:0000:00Late9695523View details
RGN / RN26/02/201814:0022:00Late9695524View details
RGN / RN23/02/201814:0022:00Late9695525View details
RGN / RN28/02/201818:0004:00Twilight9698216View details
RGN / RN01/03/201814:0022:00Late9700050View details
RGN / RN01/03/201807:4515:45Early9700055View details
RGN / RN25/02/201819:4508:15Night9701379View details
RGN / RN02/03/201812:0020:00Late9701762View details
RGN / RN27/02/201807:3020:00Long Day9704745View details
RGN / RN27/02/201807:3015:30Early9704751View details
RGN / RN26/02/201807:3015:30Early9704825View details
RGN / RN01/03/201812:0020:00Late9704939View details
RGN / RN01/03/201812:0020:00Late9704940View details
RGN / RN03/03/201807:3020:00Long Day9707013View details
RGN / RN03/03/201812:0020:00Late9707016View details
RGN / RN03/03/201818:0004:00Twilight9707019View details
RGN / RN03/03/201809:3022:00Long Day9707102View details
RGN / RN03/03/201819:4508:15Night9707134View details
RGN / RN22/02/201809:3022:00Long Day9707386View details
RGN / RN24/02/201807:4520:15Long Day9708279View details
RGN / RN25/02/201819:4508:15Night9710584View details
RGN / RN04/03/201807:3015:30Early9710640View details
RGN / RN04/03/201812:0020:00Late9710641View details
RGN / RN04/03/201807:3020:00Long Day9710642View details
RGN / RN04/03/201818:0004:00Twilight9710659View details
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