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Accute Medicine - North Devon District Hospital

Patients with urgent medical conditions are treated by the acute medicine department at North Devon District Hospital. Specialists are on hand to offer advice, diagnosis and treatments.
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN22/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11346058View details
RGN / RN25/02/202019:0007:30Night11350006View details
RGN / RN25/02/202019:0007:30Night11351231View details
RGN / RN22/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11353362View details
RGN / RN29/02/202019:0007:30Night11358855View details
RGN / RN01/03/202019:0007:30Night11360354View details
RGN / RN02/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11361078View details
RGN / RN02/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11361096View details
RGN / RN02/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11361106View details
RGN / RN02/03/202019:0007:30Night11363133View details
RGN / RN03/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11363609View details
RGN / RN03/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11363610View details
RGN / RN03/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11363632View details
RGN / RN04/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11366751View details
RGN / RN04/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11366752View details
RGN / RN04/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11366760View details
RGN / RN04/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11366774View details
RGN / RN28/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11369421View details
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