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General Medicine - Royal Derby Hospital

General Medicine gives nurses the opportunity to work across a range of wards at Royal Derby Hospital, helping to develop their NHS career and make a difference to patients' lives.

Our nursing agency offers high rates of pay, flexible hours and great support to registered general nurses interested in working at Royal Derby Hospital.

Please take a look at the available shifts below for this hospital:
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN27/02/202019:0007:30Night11278399View details
RGN / RN29/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11278411View details
RGN / RN29/02/202019:0007:30Night11278422View details
RGN / RN27/02/202019:0007:30Night11278423View details
RGN / RN29/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11278448View details
RGN / RN29/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11278453View details
RGN / RN28/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11278454View details
RGN / RN29/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11278490View details
RGN / RN28/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11278491View details
RGN / RN27/02/202019:0007:30Night11297875View details
RGN / RN27/02/202019:0007:30Night11297880View details
RGN / RN29/02/202019:0007:30Night11297895View details
RGN / RN29/02/202019:0007:30Night11297896View details
RGN / RN28/02/202019:0007:30Night11297897View details
RGN / RN28/02/202019:0007:30Night11297898View details
RGN / RN29/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11340457View details
RGN / RN27/02/202019:0007:30Night11355854View details
RGN / RN27/02/202013:0019:30Late11355855View details
RGN / RN29/02/202019:0007:30Night11373093View details
RGN / RN03/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11373154View details
RGN / RN03/03/202007:0019:30Long Day11373155View details
RGN / RN01/03/202019:0007:30Night11373156View details
RGN / RN03/03/202013:0019:30Late11373157View details
RGN / RN29/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11373158View details
RGN / RN29/02/202007:0013:30Early11373160View details
RGN / RN29/02/202013:0019:30Late11373162View details
RGN / RN28/02/202007:0019:30Long Day11373170View details
RGN / RN28/02/202019:0007:30Night11380776View details
RGN / RN27/02/202019:0007:30Night11383883View details
RGN / RN27/02/202013:0019:30Late11383885View details
RGN / RN27/02/202013:0019:30Late11383886View details
RGN / RN27/02/202019:0007:30Night11386880View details
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