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Trauma & Orthopaedics - D D University Hospital Of Hartlepool

The orthopaedics department at the university hospital of Hartlepool offers a range of treatments for patients, including surgery on the lower back, knee and hip replacement, removal of ganglions and scoliosis treatment.
QualificationStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeTypeRef No:Details
RGN / RN31/05/201812:0020:00Late9939311View details
RGN / RN25/05/201807:3015:30Early9939312View details
RGN / RN25/05/201812:0020:00Late9939324View details
RGN / RN26/05/201807:3015:30Early9963361View details
RGN / RN04/06/201812:0020:00Late9965496View details
RGN / RN08/06/201807:3015:30Early9965505View details
RGN / RN04/06/201807:3015:30Early9965506View details
RGN / RN28/05/201812:0020:00Late9995583View details
RGN / RN06/06/201812:0020:00Late9995588View details
RGN / RN07/06/201807:3015:30Early9995597View details
RGN / RN06/06/201807:3015:30Early9995598View details
RGN / RN02/06/201812:0020:00Late9995602View details
RGN / RN03/06/201812:0020:00Late9995605View details
RGN / RN02/06/201812:0020:00Late9995606View details
RGN / RN07/06/201812:0020:00Late9995609View details
RGN / RN03/06/201812:0020:00Late9995630View details
RGN / RN26/05/201812:0020:00Late9997989View details
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