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NHS introduces plans to curb agency spending

Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority announced details of plans to curb agency spending previously announced by the Secretary for Health, Jeremy Hunt.

From October 19th 2015, NHS trusts will only be able to use agencies on frameworks to secure agency staff. Off-framework agencies will only be allowed if the trust has prior permission from Monitor/TDA. Those trusts that still want to use off-framework agencies must prove they offer value for money, be a quality supplier of staff and have been procured in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Trusts will be set limits on how much can be spent on agency staff and a cap on hourly rates will be set in the near future. The ultimate aim of these measures is to reduce the annual £3.3bn agency bill.

The NHS Trust Development Authority’s Nursing Director, Peter Blythin, said: “Whilst a number of existing local frameworks work well to support local nurse directors to find high quality agency staff, there is a recognition that more can be done to give trusts greater powers to have more control over their use of agency staff in the future.”

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