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How will a new MP change the NHS and nurse retention

The NHS has a new MP in charge

Last week was a turbulent week in politics. The government had just issued its white paper on Brexit setting out its plans for non UK nationals to continue to work in the UK post Brexit. But how will this effect existing non UK nurses and nurse retention in the NHS?

As a result of Ms Mays plans to implement Brexit, we saw the resignation of Borris Johnson The Foreign Secretary and David Davies Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

With high profile resignations and positions need filling quickly, one of the longest running ministers for health was promoted to fill Borris Johnson’s shoes.

Nurse Retention is at an all time low

After serving as minister for health since 2012 Mr Hunt has left his mark on the NHS. However nurse retention is at an all time low in the NHS with more nurses leaving the NHS than applying for positions.

However a week in politics is a long time, and fast forward to July 2018 and Matt Hancock is now the man at the helm of the NHS. So what are his plans for the NHS?

With a promise of a £20 billion pound injection one could say he will been seen to make a difference quite quickly. However what the £20 billion will be spent on and where exactly the money is coming from is still yet to be confirmed.

Nurse Retention

Mr Hancock has gone on record stating “ Some things are very clear to me already,” adding “The doctors, nurses, porters, managers, leaders and other care workers are the people who underpin our great NHS and without you, we would have nothing. I have a message for you: I will work with you, I will back you and I will make sure you have the long-term plan you need. Every single person who works in the health and social care system – of every rank – has a part to play in improving the health of our nation.”

Reading between the lines this includes temporary nurses and agency nurses. Mr Hancock went on to state:

 “I love the NHS and I will always believe in it. And as Health and Social Care Secretary, I promise I will listen and learn and work with you, and will do everything I can to defend you and champion all the hard-working staff who make our NHS what it is today.”

Nursing Personnel wish Mr Hancock the very best in his new role as Minister for Health, and we hope his honours his commitment by listening to the nurses and agency nurses working in the NHS. It will be interesting to see how MR Hancock stops the huge number of nurses leaving the NHS and deal with the issue of nurse retention in hospitals across the UK.

By doing so he will get an idea of the current problems agency nurses are being faced with in the NHS. It might also be a good idea for Mr Hancock to engage with some agencies to see how nursing agencies can support and assist the NHS in filling specialised roles.

Nursing Personnel are an approved nursing agency on all 3 NHS nursing framework agreements across the UK would welcome an opportunity to give our input into the sector. For more information on Nursing Personnel click here.

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