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Measles Outbreak in Wales

A measles outbreak in Wales is causing concern as health experts warn the epidemic could leave unprotected children at risk of brain damage or death.

Measles Outbreak in Wales
Image courtesy of Dave Haygarth / flickr

Children who have not had their MMR vaccination could be at risk. The outbreak is centred on Swansea and the surrounding area, has seen numbers of those affected nearly double in a month, rising from 200 on March 4th to 432 now. Dr Marion Lyons, director of health protection at Public Health Wales, said: “Measles is now spreading like bush fires across areas of Wales. Worryingly, there are still tens of thousands of susceptible children across Wales, yet our weekly monitoring of vaccination rates shows only a slight increase in numbers receiving the MMR jabs … A simple and safe jab from your GP will protect your child’s health, could save their life, and will help protect other children too.”

The last outbreak of measles was in Dublin more than a decade ago with over 1,200 children affected and three died.

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