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How to use Social media as a research tool.


Social media has fast become a staple tool for any millennial. Where else would you go to see where your friends had dinner last night or the latest photo of Bob’s cat doing a trick?

But more importantly social media can also be used on a professional level, sites such as twitter, facebook and instagram have the capacity to reach a large audience and communicate messages without the need for people to be all in the same place at the same time.

Social media can be easily used as part of your research strategy as it is a fantastic connector and counts towards your CPD points. Medical professionals can use twitter to connect with likeminded individuals and effectively collaborate on research techniques and new innovations in medical care. Following key people and organisations can also help keep you up to date and learn about techniques in medicine you may not have used before.

The RCN host a twitter chat every month and discuss everything from practise to pay and policy. It is a great way for individuals to participate, ask questions and learn.

Being an agency nurse can become isolating at times as you move around from hospital to hospital across the country which is how #WeNurses founder Teresa Chinn came about starting twitter chats, having been established in 2011 it has now grown to a community of over 54,000 followers. They hold chats at least once a week with senior nurses participating and effectively mentoring those with less experience.

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