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Female Hair Loss

It is estimated that around six million women in Britain suffer from hair loss yet the topic remains taboo as many suffer in silence preferring to try to deal with the problem themselves.

Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is generally seen as a male problem but increasing research has shown that female baldness is now becoming more common.  Although there are many reasons for hair loss in women Dr Matthew Harries, a consultant dermatologist at the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, says he would check for underactive thyroid, iron deficiency and anaemia all of which could trigger thinning.  Hormonal problems, such as polycystic ovaries, can also cause hair loss.

Dr Harries went on to comment: “There are not a huge number of treatments available, and the main treatment for female hair loss isn’t prescribable on the NHS.  The problem is a lot of women who get dismissed by their GP then end up going to see non-medical people.  There are some good qualified trichologists but there are also people out there who offer treatments that cost a lot without there being much evidence of their effectiveness.”

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