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Family Carers

A recent report by Mencap has revealed that most family carers are still not getting the help they need in the form of short respites.

Family Carers

Many family carers are left feeling exhausted and disillusioned, with eight in ten people who care for a loved one with a learning disability at breaking point.  The government invested £1.2billion in short breaks for carers in 2010, however, the money was not ring-fenced and Mencap’s report shows it has not been spent on short break services.  The report also shows across the UK councils have actually cut short break services even though it benefits them to have family members provide care.

Family members caring for their loved ones save the tax payer approximately £119billion each year.  Mencap would like to see the money ring-fenced so that it reaches the carers who need it most and urges councils to intervene at the appropriate time so that no carer is left at breaking point.

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