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To all our valued agency staff and front line workers.

During these unprecedented times we cannot be more proud and grateful for your hard work and commitment and care provided to patients and their families.

Your efforts and commitment have had a huge impact on our country and its residence for which we all will never forget. However your health and well being is always our first priority.

Nursing Personnel has gone through great efforts to ensure that All Trusts are providing the necessary PPE for your protection in all hospital settings where necessary.

We are strictly following the New Government guidance on PPE.

The new PPE government guidance specifies precise PPE requirements for healthcare workers in secondary care clinical contexts and primary, outpatient and community care settings. All healthcare providers should be following these guidelines and standards.

Please be aware that we are always at hand to ensure that all PPE are available and at hand when you commence work. Should you have any concerns please feel free to contact us.

We are always available on 033 3043 6779 / 07748636933 or you can reach us on


The Contact Telephone Number for Nursing Personnel