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Blocked Nose

The common cold is the much discussed virus of the season; causing headaches, sore throats, blocked and runny noses.

The latter making you to want to blow your nose constantly to clear the stuffiness from your head but actually this could be making it worse.   Studies have shown that blowing doesn’t work as the blocked nose is not caused by mucus but by the swelling or inflammation of the blood vessels in the nasal airway which is triggered by the infection.

Instead, it is best to blow one nostril at a time, gently, so as to not force infection-laden mucus into the sinuses.  Decongestant can also help in the tablet or medical nasal spray form as they narrow the small blood vessels in the nose which reduces swelling and opens up the nasal airways so that you can breathe freely again.  To prevent further infection to others around you the team also suggest putting tissues in the bin once you have used them and washing your hands to prevent transmission.

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