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Asthma Care

Research by charity Asthma UK has revealed a postcode lottery for asthma care in England.

Some health authorities are providing effective care and support through the GP network and health centres but others are relying on hospitals to treat those with asthma, generally in a time of an attack. Figures published by the charity show a massive 19-fold difference in children’s’ emergency asthma admission rates across England, with Liverpool having the highest rate, and Tower Hamlets having the lowest. National guidelines state that every asthma sufferer should have a written action plan from their doctor or asthma nurse to help them understand their ‘triggers’ and make sure their asthma is under control.

Dr Samantha Walker, director of policy and research at Asthma UK, said: “Everyone with asthma deserves good quality care from knowledgeable healthcare professionals, irrespective of where they live. Guidelines are in place to give doctors and nurses the information and advice they need to prevent asthma attacks and save lives. But if these are not put into practice, they’re just a piece of paper.”

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