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Aspirin and Breast Cancer

A study has revealed how a daily dose of aspirin could slow down the spread of breast cancer.

Aspirin and Breast Cancer
Image courtesy of Alex Brown / flickr

Laboratory tests on mice found that the painkiller limits the creation of cells which fuel the disease and reduces tumour growth.  The researchers at University of Kansas also found that aspirin boosted the effect of tamoxifen, a widely used treatment for the more common form of breast cancer.  Aspirin has already been linked to a lower risk of heart attack or stroke in women.

Commenting on the latest research, Hazel Nunn, head of health information at Cancer Research, said: “While interesting, this research was done in cells in the lab and in animals.  The evidence is not clear as to whether aspirin could cut the risk of breast cancer in humans.  We need more research to fully understand how aspirin might help prevent breast cancer, as well as into how to reduce the risk of side-effects which can be very serious.”  Aspirin is also known for its side effects, such as gastrointestinal bleeding, which can outweigh the advantages among healthy people.

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