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5 Nursing Specialities with Highest Earning Potentials

Highest Earning

Something to consider before deciding what clinical area to work in. What are the highest paying nursing agency jobs in the market, and what speciality attracts the highest pay rates? It is sometimes said a high paid job can be more enjoyable. While selecting a nursing speciality is a combination of your interest and skill sets, your earning potentials can also play a key role in helping you decide. After working so hard through nursing school to get your qualification many nurses are now looking to maximise their earning potential.

Here we take a quick look at the specialities that attract a premium in the nursing sector.

Registered Anaesthetic Nurse

A certified registered anaesthetic nurse is responsible for assisting with administration of anaesthesia to patients. Such professionals work together with other anaesthesiologists, surgeons, and dentists, to safely administer anaesthesia medication before any major procedure is practiced on the patient.
Since, it is of utmost importance to administer the right amount of anaesthesia to a patient, nurses working in this field are often offered with high salaries. Scrub nurses working in operating theatre normally attract a premium due to their specific skill set.

Nurse Researcher

A nurse researcher is a professional working as an analysts, normally for private companies and hospitals. These experts’ research studies on the basis of data gathered on specific pharmaceutical, medical, or nursing practices or products. Roles in these areas can again command higher salaries especially if they involve working in the private sector. Nurses will a lot of experience can negotiate an attractive rate or package depending on the client.

Children’s Nurse

As a children’s nurse, or RSCN works with children of all ages suffering from, illness, diseases and disorders of different kinds. At the same time, children’s nurses are expected to be calm, patient, and efficient in handling children of various behavioural problems.
Children’s nurses are also responsible for educating children as well as parents on physical, mental, and sexual development issues, which can occur from a particular disorder. With increasing issues among children’s health, such nurses are gaining increased popularity and have a higher earning potential.

Certified Nurse Midwife

A certified midwife nurse if one of the highest paying agency nurse roles. They are responsible for advice on family planning, assist in labour and delivery of the new born, performing gynaecological exams, neonatal and prenatal care.

Such experts usually work full-time in private and NHS hospitals. Many midwifes work full time for agencies taking shifts that suite their availability. This gives them flexibility, allowing them to earn high rates of pay without the commitment of a full time job.

Gerontological Nurse Practitioner

With advanced degrees in geriatrics, you can become a Gerontological nurse practitioner. Your role will involve diagnosing and managing patients, often with long-term illness and handling debilitating conditions. At the same time, you have to provide timely assessments to family members of the patient.
GNPs are expected to approach nursing holistically and focus particularly on maintaining a comfortable beside support for the elderly patients.

Though these are a few of the nursing specialities with highest earning potentials, but there are other lucrative options also available, like ENPs, A&E, and ITU which can provide you with a rewarding career.

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